1bit trip
1-bit trip is simply littered with easter eggs. There are many small things to be pointed out, but there are 4 prevailent eggs to be found.


1st egg - Get to the 10th checkpoint (where the score says 1-1), then bail out and fall to the ground. You'll find a giant squirrel preparing to attack a truck carrying a giant acorn.

2nd egg - Get to the end of the level, then bail out and fall to the ground. You should see a boy playing fetch with a dog.

3rd egg - After the cart thing at the 1st checkpoint starts moving, drive off or bailout to hit a trigger on the wall below the next checkpoint. A man in a top hat will quickly pop out from the ground above you.

4th egg - Though a little less obvious, the scores of 1-0, 1-1, and 100-1 form a proper binary character when put together, 10111001. It translates into ¹, or the power of 1.


The squirrel, the kid and dog playing fetch, and man in the top hat are most likely easter eggs put in for fun, but the binary code may be part of a larger code with the extra binary code found in other levels. It may also be related to the title.


This section is reserved for Confirmation/comments about this investigation. Investigations will remain open until advised by Redlynx that the final solution for each secret is found.