On Fantastic, a sign with Roman numerals can be found in a hidden blue-lit room.


To get to this room, get to the 7th checkpoint. Immediately at this point, slowly drive into the fan so that the wind picks you up. If you manage to get it just right, you'll be taken further upwards by the wind into the blue room.

Additionally, if you drive past the sign, you'll be picked up by an invisible source of wind and launched into a giant, empty room.


The Roman numerals translate into 3-18-15-1-20-15-1-14.

It has been suggested that if those numbers were deceiphered using a simple Alpha-Numeric Substitution Cypher (ie, a=1, b=2,c=3) spell out the word "Croatoan".

"Croatoan" was carved into a tree in the settlement of Roanoke. This was the only clue given to the group's leader, John White, after he left back to England to get supplies. The English government officially declared the colony of Roanoke “lost” in 1597. It has since, however, been proven by DNA analysis that the missing settlers/colonists were integrated into the Croatoan Tribe living south of Roanoke. Whether this is simply misleading inforamtion or is of some relevance is not yet known.


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