Pa egg

A large mammoth was placed at the bottom of this painful track.


Eject yourself from the bike with as much height as you can get, and hold up + right on the D-pad to fly further. You'll probably need to try a few times to get it right but eventually you should be able to bounce on down to floor level, where the mammoth sits.


Nothing is known about the mammoth other than that it's the only other stand-alone animal to appear in the game other than the squirrels.


It was revealed that this easter egg was accidentally left in the game and was not intended to ship in the final product. Pahapertti, a developer at RedLynx, added the mammoth in for fun and had forgotten about it. By the time the DLC pack was released it was too late to remove the mammoth. Whoops!

This means that the mammoth is not related to the riddle in any way and is merely a joke.