Right after starting the track, drive forward until you reach the first dip consisting of two short wooden ramps. At the end of the furthest ramp is a pipe with steam coming out of it. Beneath the giant concrete pipe is a metallic pipe, which is knocked loose. Drive carefully down to it, and it will break from the rest of the pipeline.

At this point, it doesn't matter if you crash, because of the immense amount of moving objects awaiting in the fall. There are four windmills spinning at an above average speed that would allow the player less than adequate time to correct oneself. Once passing the windmills, there are pistons constantly contracting and expanding which will eventually crush the player's bike, ultimately resulting in a crash.

You continue to fall until you come to a square funnel-like room which takes the rider to the bottom of the secret area. There is a pile of palletes and other wooden material which looks like a giant bonfire. Upon hitting the center of the pyre sets off an explosion.

Alternatively, after passing the second checkpoint, there is a much easier route to get to the meat grinder. Ride through the map as you normally would until you begin to decline after backwards jumping the pipes. As you decline, drive slowly, and you'll come across a small piece of wood which would give you a boost to continue on. Instead, drop down, and you should see a round, yellow sign with a mummy(Bandaged Rider) and an arrow pointing to drive backwards. Soon, the camera angle will change and a spinning light will appear. You get a much better view of the meat grinder from this position.


The explosion resulting from the player reaching the bottom of the meat grinder doesn't produce any worth-while secrets. The explosion doesn't appear to be large enough to clear out a significant amount of debris. Almost all maps within the Big Pack have had some sort of visual, cryptic artifact for the player to find.

From even an indepth investigation of what appears at face value, currently nothing can be said to be secretive or cryptic about the area itself, unless the secret area refers to some other form of media.


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