After the 3rd checkpoint, continue onto the scaffold plates, but don't go off them into the 4th checkpoint. Instead, go backwards until you've crossed the poles onto another scaffold plate. Then go forward off the scaffold plates onto the I-beam that has now fallen from it's place, again, not hitting the 4th checkpoint. Gently go backwards off the I-Beam to the street below, being careful to stay on the right side of the fence. Continue forward until you see a squirrel on a swing. Tip - To make sure to stay on the right side of the fence - As you go backwards off the I-Beam, hold the brakes down so your front wheel is still on the beam, leaving your rider hanging off of it. Then simply release and your rider should fall on the right side of the fence.


The text says "Tokyo Hotel". There are two meanings. "Tokyo Hotel" is a Hotel in Chicago, previously named "Devonshire Hotel." This is not likely the meaning though, because it is in no way related to TrialsHD, RedLynx, or any possibilities suggested in the other easter eggs.

The second meaning could be "Tokio Hotel," which is a band originating from Germany. Further research on the band shows that they attempted to go on a tour called the "1000 Hotels" Europeon tour. The singer for the band though, Bill Kaulitz, suffered from a cyst on his vocal cords during the tour and they had to quit. The name "1000 Hotels" really reminds us of 1000 Heroez, RedLynx's newest game. Perhaps the sign in this level was a nod to the upcoming game?


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