Crowdojo squirrel

There is a squirrel hidden in the most unsuspecting corner of this track. No, seriously, we're only finding this thing months after we thought the easter egg well was dry.


Getting to this squirrel is a tricky task. From the second checkpoint you need to jump off of the small ramp lying on the steps, flip over, and catch your back tire on the roof of the dojo while still holding the gas. You'll be pulled up onto the roof due to the forces of the bike.

From here, you have to drive forward until you reach a gap in the roof. This jump is also somewhat tricky but shouldn't be too much of a problem. After clearing it, it's just a matter of driving the remaining distance across to roof to find the squirrel standing near the back wall.

Video demonstration from Iron Warlord, who found the squirrel:



These squirrels are pesky little critters. Why can't they hide somewhere that is easier to get to?


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