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Welcome to the Wiki[]

Trials HD is an Xbox Live Arcade game that was released in August 2009 and has sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

In addition to its addictive gameplay, there are a large number of secrets and easter eggs hidden throughout the various tracks. This Wiki has been created to collate all available information about the individual secrets, with the final goal being to solve the Trials HD Riddle (the larger meaning/connection between all of them).

Update - the Riddle is solved![]

On April 10th, 2012, the Riddle was officially solved and put to rest in a video created by FatShady and uploaded to the official RedLynx YouTube channel. This marks the end of many months of meticulous research and study conducted by the incredible RedLynx community.

While we couldn't answer the riddle in our own words, we involuntarily answered it with our actions and efforts. This wiki stands to prove the lenghs reached in an effort to find the answer.

We can only hope that ANBA will come back with an even tougher riddle to crack in Trials Evolution.

Special thanks to ANBA for suggesting this and supporting the forums with cryptic and somewhat helpful messages. All original discoveries were taken from the Trials HD forum [Easter egg thread]. This site does not claim to have discovered any of these easter eggs. Full credit to LostNr and the others who have contributed to the thread over the past year.

All recent changes on the THD Secrets Wiki can be found here. Also, please feel free to contribute if you have any information or screenshots you'd like to share!

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Track Listing[]

Easter egg
No egg

Original Big Pack Big Thrills
Difficulty Track Name Difficulty Track Name Difficulty Track Name
Beginner Middle Name: Danger Medium Workshop of Secrets Beginner Ode to Joy
Beginner Hello World! Medium Where's the Sky? Easy Daredevil
Beginner The Breakdown Medium Dangerous Ride Easy Chessboard
Beginner The Big Ride Medium Pro Speedway Easy Rooftop Rush
Beginner Basic Bumps Medium Speed Trap Easy Aftershock
Beginner Groundhog Begins Medium Epic Jumps Easy Bouncy Castle
Easy Building Blocks Medium 1 Bit Trip Easy The Great Wall
Easy Easy Wheeling Medium Condemned Complex Easy Boot Camp
Easy Logsplosive Medium Space Station Easy Underwater
Easy Upwardly Mobile Medium Final Flashback Medium Secret Base
Easy Mother of All Jumps Medium Fantastic! Medium Race or Die
Easy Smooth Jumps Medium Pipe Network Medium Weird Science
Medium Where's the Ground? Hard Wheels of Misfortune Medium Rail Highway
Medium Let's Get Physical Hard Smelting Hazard Medium House of Horrors
Medium Container Rush Hard Junkyard Medium The Substitute
Medium Dreamscape Hard Big Rig Drilling Medium Spiderweb
Medium Stock Market Hard Skyway Medium The Weakest Link
Medium Tired Hill Hard Smoke and Mirrors Medium RAM It Down
Medium Groundhog Returns Hard Donkey Business Medium Roadkill
Medium Trippin' the Plywood Hard Isabelle Medium Mystical Journey
Medium Rock n' Drop Hard Prison Break Medium Pirate's Gold
Medium Underground Extreme Greatest Hits Medium The Crow's Dojo
Medium Jolly Jumper Extreme Diabolic Hard Barrel of Laughs
Hard The Rise and Fall Hard Container Jam
Hard Dynamic Range Hard Garbage Chute
Hard Technique Hard Foundations
Hard Concrete Dreams Hard King of the Spill
Hard Unfair Bombardment Hard Clockwork
Hard Trials/Tribulations Hard Vertigo
Hard Classic Hard Chains of Despair
Hard King of the Hill Hard Sauna
Extreme Brown Boxes Hard Lost in Transmission
Extreme Goin' Up! Hard Reality Check
Extreme Groundhog Forever Hard Flight School
Extreme Inferno II Hard Laser Tag
Hard The Forum
Hard High Voltage
Skill Games Extreme Attica Dominatus
Difficulty Tracks (Original) Tracks (DLC #1) Extreme Pilgrimage
Easy Inside the Ball Pinball Pit Extreme Blast From the Past
Easy Ski Jump Extreme Skiing
Easy Ring of Fire The Burning Eye
Easy Delivery The 2nd Package
Easy Down the Stairs Pain! Again!
Easy In Flames Run of Doom
Medium Target Hunt Paddle Wizard
Medium Hill Climb Mountain Climb
Medium Outside the Ball Down the Mines
Medium Infernal Pinball Flugtag
Hard Flip Hunter Turbo Flip
Hard Loose Screw! Extreme Torque

Non-Track Easter Eggs[]

Trials HD Credits

Trials HD Promotional Videos


The mystery boxes

Summary of all Significant Easter Eggs[]

A compiled collection of every significant easter egg (a.k.a. an egg that is unique and appears to have a larger meaning) can be found here. Please note that this purpose of this page is to compile our total knowledge and may look disorderly.

Here is a post from Kotaku Australia that sums up the progress made to date quite well.

Kotaku AU